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Velvet Glitters Shade # 1

Original price was: ₨400.Current price is: ₨350.

  • 25 Stuning Shades
  • Ultra Pigmented
  • Long Lasting Colors
  • Colors For Every Occasion
  • Versitile & Unleash Shades
  • Creative Infinite Makeup Looks

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Asma Khan Velvet Glitter:

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Asma Khan Velvet Glitter X25 Shades, has a mix of ultra-pigmented, long-lasting colors that are easily suited to any occasion and special event. Best Velvet Glittery Eyeshadow with 25 beautiful shades for everyday beautiful look and is great to create fabulous look. which-way smoky eye, glittereye. Professional Asma Khan Velvet Glitter easily becomes a versatile, practical and complete eyeshadow glitters for any makeup lover. That said, this Eyeshadow has 25 smooth and rich shades, featuring essential beiges and browns. In addition, it also has multi-functional shimmery golds, burgundy hues and an ultra pigmented black with a copper glitter twist. In this sense, this palette becomes versatile as it allows you to unleash your creativity to create infinite makeup looks. Furthermore, this set of colors are highly pigmented and long lasting on the skin. In this way, your eyes easily become the center of attention without any kind of effort on your part. Finally, if you want to get even more intensity in these shades, just spritz your makeup brushes with a fixing spray and that’s it! In short, this range of eye shadows easily becomes an essential in any makeup kit for its practicality and versatility.

How to use:

It’s advisable to use primer code or even water underneath before applying eye shadow then you get the true
colours to pop out.


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